There are many ways to support Musikchan and The Musikians. We have a presence at many online websites, stores and streaming services. Here's how you can support us and help reach more potential listeners.

Buying or streaming our music

Any money received through online sales or streaming services will be invested into Musikchan, The Musikians and potential future projects. This excludes YouTube, as we do not monetize our videos. However, YouTube is still an important site and streaming there is also very much appreciated.

Strengthening and expanding the community

  • Frequently visit and post on Musikchan
  • Create a thread at least occasionally
  • Visit our IRC chatroom
  • Introduce a friend to Musikchan or The Musikians
  • Give feedback to tracks on the latest The Musikians release (it motivates contributors)
    • If you can, leave some feedback on the wikia as well, or a copy of it. This is a more permanent form of feedback.
  • Participate in The Musikians (we won't bite! it's open for everyone)

Online presence

  • Check out our reviews site and share our reviews
  • Like our Facebook page and interact with us there
  • Like, share and comment on our Facebook posts
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel
  • Like, favorite, comment on- and add our YouTube videos to playlists
  • Watch our videos through the whole video (is great for our statistics)
  • Share our name, a track, release or playlist (YouTube playlists are useful for this)
  • Favorite, retweet and reply to our Tweets
  • Search us on Google, YouTube and other services with a search option (it's good for our search result position)
  • Scrobble us on

Rate Your Music

The Musikians are on Here's what you can do here to help us get noticed:

  • Rate our releases
  • Review our releases (or leave comments)
  • Add our releases to your catalogue
  • Add us as a favorite artist
  • Add The Musikians and/or our releases to lists
  • Vote on genres and descriptors of releases
  • Add ~MusikchanReviews to your friends list (again, we won't bite!)

And lastly... don't hesitate to throw ideas, suggestions or criticism at us!

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